1977Playoff Final^Boca JuniorsCruzeiro0-05-4
1985Playoff Final^Argentinos Juniors América1-15-4
19871st Place Group PlayoffAméricaDeportivo Cali0-0#4-2
19882nd RoundNewell's Old BoysBolívar1-13-2
19892nd RoundMillonariosBolívar3-34-3
19892nd RoundSol de AméricaTáchira 3-33-2
19892nd RoundOlimpiaBoca Juniors5-57-6
1989Semi FinalOlimpiaInternacional 3-35-3
1989FinalAtlético Nacional Olimpia2-25-4
19903rd Place Group PlayoffBarcelonaOriente Petrolero5-45-4
19902nd RoundVasco da Gama Colo Colo3-35-4
19922nd RoundSan Lorenzo Valdez S.C.2-26-5
1992Quarter FinalBarcelona Cerro Porteño2-24-3
1992Semi FinalNewell's Old Boys América2-211-10
1992FinalSão PauloNewell's Old Boys 1-13-2
1993Quarter FinalCerro Porteño Olimpia 1-14-2
19942nd RoundVélez Sarsfield Defensor Sporting1-14-2
19942nd RoundMinervén Emelec 3-34-2
19942nd RoundAtlético JuniorColo Colo3-34-3
1994Semi FinalSão PauloOlimpia2-24-3
1994Semi FinalVélez Sarsfield Atlético Junior 3-35-4
1994FinalVélez Sarsfield São Paulo1-15-3
19952nd RoundEmelecCerro Porteño 2-25-4
1995Quarter FinalRiver PlateVélez Sarsfield 1-15-3
1995Semi FinalAtlético Nacional River Plate1-18-7
19962nd RoundBarcelonaSan José 2-24-2
19962nd RoundUniversidad de ChileDefensor Sporting4-47-6
19972nd RoundRacing Club River Plate 4-45-3
19972nd RoundGrêmio Guaraní 3-32-1
19972nd RoundPeñarol Millonarios3-33-2
19972nd RoundCruzeiroEl Nacional2-25-3
1997Quarter FinalRacing Club Peñarol1-13-2
1997Semi FinalCruzeiro Colo Colo 3-34-1
19982nd RoundColón Olimpia3-32-1
19982nd RoundPeñarol Alianza2-23-1
1998Semi FinalBarcelonaCerro Porteño2-24-3
19992nd RoundRiver PlateLDU Quito1-15-4
1999Quarter FinalPalmeiras Corinthians2-24-2
1999FinalPalmeirasDeportivo Cali2-24-3
20002nd RoundAtlético Mineiro Atlético Paranaense2-25-3
20002nd RoundCorinthians Rosario Central 5-54-3
20002nd RoundPalmeirasPeñarol3-33-2
20002nd RoundBolívar Nacional3-35-3
2000Semi FinalPalmeiras Corinthians6-65-4
2000FinalBoca JuniorsPalmeiras2-24-2
20012nd RoundPalmeirasSão Caetano1-15-3
2001Quarter FinalPalmeiras Cruzeiro5-53-2
2001Quarter FinalRosario CentralAmérica3-34-3
2001Semi FinalBoca Juniors Palmeiras4-43-2
2001FinalBoca Juniors Cruz Azul1-13-1
20022nd RoundSão CaetanoUniversidad Católica2-24-2
20022nd RoundPeñarolMontevideo Wanderers4-43-0
2002Quarter FinalSão CaetanoPeñarol2-23-1
2002Semi FinalOlimpiaGrêmio3-35-4
2002FinalOlimpiaSão Caetano2-24-2
20032nd RoundCruz AzulDeportivo Cali0-03-2
20032nd RoundSantos Nacional6-63-1
20032nd RoundAméricaRacing Club1-16-5
20032nd RoundIndependiente MedellínCerro Porteño1-14-2
20042nd RoundRiver PlateSantos Laguna 2-24-2
20042nd RoundSantosLDU Quito4-45-3
20042nd RoundDeportivo CaliCruzeiro2-23-0
20042nd RoundSão Paulo FCRosario Central2-25-4
20042nd RoundOnce CaldasBarcelona1-14-2
2004Quarter FinalBoca Juniors São Caetano1-14-3
2004Semi FinalBoca Juniors River Plate2-25-4
2004FinalOnce Caldas Boca Juniors 1-12-0
20052nd RoundAtlético Paranaense Cerro Porteño3-35-4
20062nd RoundLibertadTigres UANL0-05-3
2006Quarter FinalSão Paulo FCEstudiantes1-14-3
2007Quarter FinalGrêmioDefensor Sporting2-24-2
2008Quarter FinalLDU QuitoSan Lorenzo de Almagro2-25-3
2008FinalLDU QuitoFluminense 5-53-1
20092nd RoundPalmeirasBra Sport1-13-1
2010PreliminaryUniversidad CatólicaColón5-55-3
20102nd RoundSão Paulo FCUniversitario0-03-1
2011Round 16Cerro PorteñoEstudiantes0-05-3
2012Round 16Vasco da GamaLanús3-35-4
2012Quarter FinalSantosVélez Sársfield1-14-2
2012Quarter FinalUniversidad de ChileLibertad2-25-3
2013First StageGrêmioLDU Quito1-15-4
2013First StageIquiqueLeón2-24-2
2013Round 16Real GarcilasoNacional1-14-1
2013Quarter FinalNewell's Old BoysBoca Juniors0-010-9
2013Semi FinalAtlético MineiroNewell's Old Boys2-23-2
2013FinalAtlético MineiroOlimpia2-24-3
2014First StageAtlético ParanaenseSporting Cristal3-35-4
2014Round 16San LorenzoGrêmio1-14-2
2014Round 16Defensor SportingThe Strongest2-24-2
2015Round 16CruzeiroSão Paulo FC1-14-3
2016Quarter FinalBoca JuniorsNacional2-24-3
2016Quarter FinalIndependiente del ValleUNAM3-35-3
2017Round 16San LorenzoEmelec1-15-4
2017Round 16BarcelonaPalmeiras1-15-4
2017Quarter FinalLanúsSan Lorenzo2-24-3
2018QualifierVasco da GamaJorge Wilstermann4-43-2
2018Round 16GrêmioEstudiantes3-35-3
2019QualifierPalestinoIndependiente Medellín2-24-1
2019QualifierLibertadAtlético Nacional1-15-4
2019Round 16River PlateCruzeiro0-04-2
2019Round 16FlamengoEmelec2-24-2
2020Round 16NacionalIndependiente del Valle0-04-2
2020Round 16Boca JuniorsNacional1-15-4
2020Round 16RacingFlamengo2-25-3

* Unless otherwise stated, match scores are aggregate scores over two legs.

^ Playoff Final required after home and away legs finished 1-1 on aggregate.

# Single Leg Score.

"I do not want any match to go to penalty kicks.
It makes no sense to play 120 minutes of football and then to decide a winner in such a manner."

Enzo Bearzot
Former manager of Italy